Bells Lab creates innovative projects with bells and carillon. We are pleased to present you our projects which we will perform  on the ‘tour carillon’ and/or on a carillon from the tower.

With the ‘tour carillon’ we can play anywhere. Outdoors we play from the trailer which serves as a stage. But we can also play inside in a hall. The tour carillon can be disassembled.

It is possible to combine several projects, for example: a cultural centre organises school performances of ‘Billy the Bell’ during the day and in the evening a concert of ‘Bells and Guitar’ is programmed. Even an extension with an interactive, educational part is possible.

We’re open to all propositions and ideas. So contact us for more information and bookings.

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Bells Lab e.a

The electro-acoustic set van Bells Lab. Beats and bells and more...