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The Sunrise

‘The Sunrise’ is the musical expression of the rising of the sun.

Martijn Vanbuel, Bert Hornix and Jan Verheyen found their inspiration in the rising of the sun, which every day again emerges from nowhere and through a diverse colour palette radiantly climbs into the sky. The musicians arranged the old church scales from dark to light and then composed colourful and diversified music, by which the bells of the tour carillon shine together with the bass, piano and percussion in a magnificent way.

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The Sunrise (Herkenrode)

The Sunrise (Herkenrode)

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The première of ‘The Sunrise’ will take place in 2021. The very first indoor performance is scheduled on Friday 12th March at the Dommelhof in Neerpelt, at 8 p.m. The first open- air performance will take place on Sunday 25th April on the site of the Herckenrode abbey in Hasselt from 6 a.m onwards. We hope we can play before a live audience!

Due to corona we were not allowed to play before a live audience on 12th March. But instead we streamed the concert, so you can watch in your living room every where in the world.



‘The Sunrise’ can be played outdoors, preferably in the early morning. Nature is our setting and we accompany the rising of the sun in a musical way. Thus reflecting about the wonder that repeats itself every day.   

Also an indoor performance of ‘The Sunrise’ is available. We then add a video-art-projection, to visually bring the sun into the house.

The project was developed thanks to the support of C-Takt and the non-profit organisation Musica. This project is still being developed. Audio and video material will follow in due course.



Bass player, composer and producer Martijn Vanbuel studied jazz at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven (now Luca School of Arts) with Paul Berner and Philippe Aerts. He continued his studies at the prestigious ‘Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris’ with Ricardo Del Fra.

After a stay in Shangai ( China) Martijn lived in Tapei (Taiwan) from 2006 till 2014 where he developed into one of the most influential  musicians,  most in demand on the island.  Among others he played with the most successful Chinese fusion group Sizhukong, with concerts in more than 20 countries. Moreover he created his own group Orbit Folks, that experiments with jazz, folk and ethnic music. They released three albums,  one of them won two Golden Melody Awards, the most prestigious music award in Taiwan. As a session musician , producer and arranger he committed himself to different styles from pop over folk, jazz, import to world music.

In Taiwan he was also a lecturer at the National Tainan University of the Arts. In addition Martijn has an impressive CV of national and international muscians he worked together  with such as Ari Hoenig, Tony Lakatos, James C arter, Joel Holmes, Tyler Blanton, Alex Sipiagin, Monday Michiru, Bert Joris, Frank Vaganée, Kurt Van Herck, Dré Pallemaerts, Robin  Verheyen, Jef Neve, Tutu Puane, Carlo Nardozza, etc.

Martijn is a regular member of, among others, the Tim Finoulst Trio, Amber Haddad Quintet… He is often contacted as composer and arranger and you can also find him appearing on piano, bass guitar or accordion.



Bert Hornikx has already been professionally active in the music sector for 18 years.  Also in  (musical) theatre  he has been working as a composer, musician (drums and electronics) and as developer of software/hardware for music. He likes  combining and mixing these three functions.

He was trained as a  jazzdrummer by Dré Pallemaerts at the Lemmens Institute (the current Luca School of Arts) in Leuven.

The past years, as a drummer and/or electronics musician, he made his contribution in recording projects that were always edited by quality labels. Since 2016 he has been working  as a drummer for live performances of Astronaute (Myrthe Luyten), Aster, Orbit Folks (Martijn Vanbuel), Oko Yono, the collective project of Birsen Uçar (Hydrogen Sea), Patricia Vanneste (ex-Balthazar), Myrthe Luyten (Astronaute) and Annelies van Dinter (Echo Beatty) and for Mad About Mountains,  Piet de Pessemier’s band.

The past years he  focused more on the recording of music. In this capacity he was responsible for the recording and mixing of the new album of Mad About Mountains which will be released by Zeal Records in 2021.

Between 2007 and 2011 he composed some music and performed it live in theatre productions of ‘de Queeste’ and later ‘ Het Nieuwstedelijk’.


You can find the biography of Jan Verheyen on the page "about".

Also cooperated on this project:

- sound: Stijn Sontrop 

- light: Michiel Vanderhenst

- video: Joppe Rabijns 

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