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Bells Lab band

The carillon is as indispensable as the guitar or the drum kit in the Bells Lab band.

Location: indoor - outdoor               Duration: 45-60 min.                    tour carillon                                          style: pop/rock 

Carillon 2.0

Not averse to an experiment, we also wanted to use the carillon in a pop band and the result was surprising: carillon is just part of it.

We looked for songs in which the carillon could play a special role and came up with Sting, David Bowie, Radiohead, Portishead etc.

Put this combination on stage and you will have a unique concert that has never been seen before.  

B-Moll is the name of the fusion band, consisting of professional musicians. 

What the audience says

"You think you've seen or heard everything.

And then you get this. Really fantastic!"

Veerle  De Blekere

"Super! The choice of songs is also great. I hadn't looked at carillon that way before"

Jonas Drijkingen

Watch and listen for yourself

Online concert of Bells Lab Band during the Rex Sessions in Schouwburg Rex in Mol (B).

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