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Jazz bells

Carillon as part of a jazz trio with percussion, piano and bass guitar.

Location: indoor - outdoor               Duration: 60 min.                          tour carillon                                          style: jazz 

The sunrise

Jazz is synonymous with experiment and we have to taste that at Bells Lab. Together with top-class musicians Martijn Vanbuel (bass guitar, piano) and Bert Hornikx (percussion), carillonneur Jan works on his own repertoire .  We make accessible music with a jazzy twist.

We also created the experience concert 'The Sunrise', an ode to the daily miracle of the sunrise. It is best to experience this at an early moment somewhere in a beautiful outdoor location , but there is also a ready-made hall performance , in which we simulate the sun through projection and lighting.

What the audience says

"You have to get up early for it, but it's worth it."

Lea Vandal

"That's one way to start the day. Fantastic!"

Roel van Houtte

In the press

Watch and listen for yourself

Concert film with images of the sunrise

about the Herkenrode Abbey in Hasselt

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