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Classic bells and piano

Well-known classic hits in the unique combination of piano and carillon.

Location: indoor - outdoor.               Duration: 45-60 min.                   Tower carillon - tour carillon               style: classic 

Classical music in a new jacket

We play classics from classical music, but in a surprising new jacket of piano and carillon.It almost sounds like the music was written for this combination.  

I, Jan de carillonneur, play together with the professional pianist Maureen Wong , who has already won many prizes and played a lot of concerts.

This concert creates a surprising effect when the bells are placed on a stage, but also as an aperitif concert indoors or outdoors. It can even be played from a carillon tower.

What the audience says

"It's amazing how those bells and the piano merge so beautifully."

Danny Verwilgen

"I don't really listen to classical music, but this concert was really surprising. I enjoyed it"

Wout Van Impe

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