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folk violin

Exciting rhythms from Irish folk, played as if they were always meant for carillon and violin.

Location: indoor - outdoor.              Duration: 45-60 min.                   Tower carillon - tour carillon               Irish folk 

Irish bell folk

Carillon is the folk instrument par excellence and therefore extremely suitable for playing folk music . Add a violin to that and you'll feel like you're in an Irish pub.


From rousing rhythms to melancholic melodies... All emotions pass through during this special concert.

Bert van Laethem is the violinist, who is at home in many fields. He plays in various well-known orchestras and is also fascinated by folk music.

What the audience says

"Irish folk always creates a good vibe.

But with that carillon, it sounds different"

Ronald Willems

"One song very quiet and the next a real dance song. Amazing!"

Frieda Van Geel

Watch and listen for yourself

Online concert during the Rex Sessions

in Schouwburg Rex in Mol (B).

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