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Carillon and guitar sound wonderful together in different musical styles.

Location: indoor - outdoor.               Duration: 1 hour                         Tower carillon - tour carillon                mix of styles 

From Bach to Nirvana

Guitarillon is not just a concert of the unique combination of carillon and guitar . It's an experience. We are happy to take you on a journey through various styles and play music from "Bach to Nirvana".

Cedric Honings and Jan Verheyen already played this concert in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland and toured the Northeast USA in 2019 with stops in Yale, Boston, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Chicago...

An original and accessible  concept for a wide audience.

What the audience says

"We heard all styles pass, but still knew almost all the songs."

Marijke Dilissen

"That combination works really well; I didn't expect that."

Els Rogers

In the press

Watch and listen for yourself

Piazzolla's classic Libertango

and an Allegro by Bach



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