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Singing Bells

The Carillon as an accompaniment instrument for a singer.

Location: indoor - outdoor.               Duration: 60 min.                        Tower carillon - tour carillon               style: pop/rock 

Christmas or Bel(ls)pop

It doesn't always have to be a guitar or a piano accompanying a singer. The carillon is also a wonderful accompaniment instrument .

From the tower or with the tour carillon, icy winter or the hottest summer .... this concept always scores. We offer a Christmas program or a repertoire of Belgian songs, so Bel(ls) pop . But we are also open to other suggestions.

We already traveled around the country with singers Katrien Smets or Kim Versteynen and we toured residential care centers in full corona crisis with our open-window concerts .

What the audience says

"That's how we got some culture in these dark times." (open window concerts)

Alice Schoeters

"Nice combination. Christmas songs accompanied by Christmas bells!"

Jos Vrijsen

​In the press

Watch and listen for yourself

Online concert of Bel(ls) Pop

at CC Palethe in Overpelt (B).

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