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Who is Bells Lab?

Bells Lab is the laboratory for music with handbells, bells and carillon.

Carillon in motion

Bells Lab sets carillon in motion. Literally with the tour carillon and figuratively through the innovative projects. We are not averse to getting our hands dirty on an experiment.


Bells Lab is an open experiment; a lab as an invitation to crossover between styles, disciplines, cultures, between past and future. We want to touch and connect music lovers with bell music. In this way Bells Lab wants to contribute to the promotion of carillon culture , which has been recognized by UNESCO.


Carillonneur Jan


Jan Verheyen is the driving force behind Bells Lab. He likes to share his passion for handbells, bells and carillon.


He has been the city carillonneur of Hasselt since 2008 and also of Neerpelt since 2015. Jan worked hard to install a carillon there. He is also a much sought-after concertist at home and abroad and teaches carillon at the Royal Carillon School in Mechelen and at the academies of Mol and North Limburg.

Jan has done his musical studies at the Carillon School in Mechelen, the Netherlands Carillon Institute in Dordrecht and also has a master's degree in music from Luca Arts in Leuven. He also holds a master's degree in language and literature (Germanic Languages).

Our history

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