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Bells Lab Pure

The carillonneur plays solo, on his own, without any additions.

Carillon in its pure beauty!

Location: indoor - outdoor              Duration: negotiable                     Tower - tour carillon                              all styles 

The pure carillon experience

Bells is all you get . I, Jan the carillonneur, play alone. I'm used to playing for an entire city from the tower. So many people, so many tastes and that's why I play all kinds of music.

I also play a mix of styles on the tour carillon. Or a  theme concert  such as belpop, nederpop, Christmas, rock classics... A lot is possible, even request numbers .  

I would be happy to liven up your event with Bells Lab. A one-hour concert? Or shorter playing moments of fifteen minutes or half an hour? Everything is possible. Bells Lab brightens up every event .

What the audience says

"So cool! All recognizable tunes. We could just hum along and sing along."

Debby Witters

"That carillon sounds really cool. Very different than from a tower."

Frank Wouters

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