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Beats and bells

Two different worlds meet: carillon music and dance/techno.

Location: indoor - outdoor               Duration: 60-90 min.                   Tower carillon - tour carillon              style: dance/techno 

Mix of old and new

Combining bells and beats is the craziest thing we've tested in our Bells Lab so far. But it works! Together with DJ Goldfox we mix a great set with music from almost 300 years ago and dance/techno from today.


The unique set made it to VRT NWS (Belgian national television) and a fragment could be heard on Stu Bru (Belgian national radio). It  therefore has a lot in store and can be used in all kinds of ways at festivals, in cultural centers...

Superview TV can provide the visual experience.  On the sounds, they mix live images on the spot. 

What the audience says

"Everything you wouldn't expect from a carillon. That's Bells Lab."

Tom Schutters

"Super cool!! Never thought a carillon could sound like this."

Seppe Timmers

In the press

Watch and listen for yourself

The full Beats and Bells show

at CC Palethe on July 6, 2021.

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