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  Billy the bell

The story of Billy, the smallest bell of the carillon.

Location: indoor - outdoor               Duration: 45 min.                         Tower carillon - tour carillon               children >6 years 

Theater play with bells 

Billy is the smallest bell of the carillon, but doesn't like the carillon at all. There are actually very few songs in which he has to play and he wonders if he is in the right place, there in the carillon.

the story can be played from a carillon tower . In that case, it is more storytelling: an actor in the audience tells the story and the carillonneur plays musically from the tower. There is also a theater performance with the tour carillon.

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What the audience says

"I liked it so much.

I love that beautiful music, that carillon. "


"I liked it best when that little bell was back with his friends."


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