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Zen concert

Bells as large, healing singing bowls in soothing, meditative music together with piano.

Location: indoor - outdoor               Duration: 45-60 min.                   Tower carillon - tour carillon             style: meditative 


The unique combination of piano and carillon, in which the bells are used rather as large singing bowls , captivates the audience. Take a break from the daily hustle and bustle and become completely zen again. This bellness is wellness for the ear !

To completely surrender to the music, it is best to listen while lying down, in the open air or in a darkened room... Then the concert becomes a real sound massage .

At the piano is Andy Willems , a musician who is at home in many markets. The concert is played with the tour carillon, but can also be played from a tower and then brings peace to the city. 

What the audience says

"Lovely! I was in another world for a while."

Kathelijn Daenen

"Dream away. Get away from the daily grind. Heavenly."

Josee Vandeweyer

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