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Dialogues of bells and beats

Bells and Percussion is a project that will witness its premiere in 2020. The bells of the carillon will enter into dialogue with the sounds of a  group of percussionists.

It will be a unique combination of whipping rhythms, mysterious sound clouds, meditative patterns… Think of Les Tambours de Bronx, Slagerij van Kampen… but then extended with a section of bells.

The percussionists are under the direction of Nico Camps.



Bells and Percussion can be extended by our bell drummers. These are percussionists who play rhytmically on the swinging bells up in the tower.

Swinging bells in church towers nowadays serve less to announce the wholy mass and therefore we use them as a rhytmical instrument.

That is nothing new in itself, as this ‘chiming’ was already applied in our region from the Middle Ages onwards , but has fallen out of use. We pick up this tradition again, but we do it in our own, contemporary manner.

The bells in the tower enter into dialogue with the bells on wheels and the percusssion group on the ground. It’s a combination of mystery from above with a spectacle at eye level.

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