Laboratorium for bell music


Bells Lab creates innovative projects with bells and carillon. We play from towers but also bring the carillon to the public, because we have an own mobile carillon at our disposal: the tourcarillon.

Bells Lab is an open experiment, a “laboratory” as an invitation to crossing styles, disciplines, cultures between past and future.

Bells Lab creates projects, but is also an open call for musicians, artists, organisations... who want to join to be creativ with bells.

Bells Lab is the brainchild of carillonneur/performer/bell-artist Jan Verheyen, who accounts for playing the bells in all projects.


In February 2020 corona set foot ashore in Europe. The first victim fell in Crema, the Italian town where bell foundry Allanconi is located. Very soon this whole region went into lockdown. Also the foundry was closed for more than two months. The realisation of the tour carillon was postponed till after the Summer. In August 2020 the carillon moved to Belgium. Meanwhile we received bookings for Christmas. But the first concert  of the tour carillon, called 'The Sunrise', which was planned in October was canceled on the very last moment. This was the beginning of the second corona wave and all cultural events were put on hold for more than half a year. Also our concerts were canceled.

On the other hand thanks to corona many chances were created for Bells Lab. In December 2020 we played 40 open window-concerts in health care centers. We could do this corona-proof, because we played outside and the audience stayed inside and listened to the concert by opening a window.

In 2021 the tour carillon camped several times in cultural centers, as there were no cultural events allowed . Thanks to these fine cooperations and the financial support of the Flemish Government we were able to create recordings of concerts. We made e.g. a recording of 'the Sunrise', with videos from the real sunrise in the Abbey of Herkenrode in Hasselt. In the theatre Rex in Mol we recorded four different concerts, called "The Rex Sessions". And in Overpelt we recorded the concert Bel(ls)pop and the zenconcert "Bellness". We're still working on this last project and on the project "Beats and Bells" with DJ Goldfox. So you can find some upcoming concerts on the site and you can still enjoy our previous concerts, which were recorded. Hope you'll like it.


Since January 2021 we have created many premieres, and we still have three to come!

- Zen-concert "Bellness": You'll be totally zen after listening to this concert of tour carillon and piano. Jan Verheyen plays together  with pianist Andy Willems music, that they created themselves. Focus in this music are the sounds and the meditative aspect of the music. After a try-out with the tour carillon, we will now try it out from the tower. You can hear it in Hasselt on Friday, Juin 25th at 6pm and in Neerpelt on Sunday, July 18th at 3,30 pm.

- "Kloktails": All your senses will be stimlulated with this concert. We play "Guitarillon", a great combination of carillon and guitar player Cedric Honings. During the concert we will serve some  cocktails. It's like dining with matched wines. We will present this concept on Sunday, July 4th at 3 pm. Click here to get your tickets.

- "Beats and Bells": On Tuesday, July 6 at 8,30 pm you can be our guest at the world premiere of the cooperation between Bells Lab and DJ Goldfox. Two different worlds will meet or yesterday of carillon meets tomorrow of dance/techno! Come, sit down (because of Corona restrictions) and dance in your seat! Click here for free tickets. 


Bells Lab was camping with the tour carillon on the stage of Theatre Rex in Mol. We were recording four unique concerts with the very best musicians, who are also teachers at the music academy of Mol. 

- carillon and piano (classical music)

- carillon and violin (Celtic and Irish folk)

- carillon and electronics (with new music)

- carillon and full band (pop music)



We really wanted to play this special concert for a live audience, but corona put a stop to this. Three times again! But, now we have nice recordings of the concert in combination with amazing video of the sunrise over the Abbey of Herkenrode in Hasselt.

On Easter 2021 we broadcast the concert "Bel(ls)pop" from CC Palethe in Overpelt. In this concert we play Belgian pop music. Katrien Smets sings, Jan Verheyen plays the carillon.

You can still admire it...


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Bells Lab e.a

The electro-acoustic set of Bells Lab. Beats and bells and more...


  • beiaardconcert en workshop
    beiaardconcert en workshop
    15 Aug, 18:00
    Kiel, Klosterpl., 24103 Kiel, Duitsland
    Jan Verheyen geeft overdag een workshop beiaard en om 18 uur aansluitend een beiaardconcert.
  • Bells Lab e.a.e.m
    Bells Lab e.a.e.m
    18 Aug, 20:00
    Lommel, Kerkplein, 3920 Lommel, België
    Bells Lab e.a.e.m staat voor Bells Lab electro acoustic en meer. In Lommel doen we onze naam als laboratorium voor klokkenmuziek alle eer aan. We combineren immers de torenbeiaard met de toerbeiaard op de grond met nieuwe muzie. Ook brengen we zang met beiaard en onze hits van Bells Lab e.a.
  • Beiaardconcert
    21 Aug, 15:00 – 16:00
    Leuven, Groot Begijnhof, 3000 Leuven, België
    Jan Verheyen speelt een solo-beiaardconcert op de beiaard van het Groot Begijnhof in Leuven. Hij start het concert met composities van de Leuvense organist/beiaardier/klokkengieter Matthias Vandengheyn, die 300 jaar geleden werd geboren. Daarna komt muziek van verschillende stijlen aan bod.
  • Bells Lab e.a. (torenconcert)
    Bells Lab e.a. (torenconcert)
    22 Aug, 15:30
    Pelt, Pastorijstraat 4, 3910 Pelt, België
    De set van Bells Lab electro acoustic wordt gespeeld op de torenbeiaard van Neerpellt.
  • The Sunrise
    The Sunrise
    28 Aug, 06:30 – 07:30 CEST
    Hasselt, Herkenrodeabdij, 3511 Hasselt, België
    Dit concert geeft een muzikale omkadering bij de zonsopkomst. Tickets kosten €10 (concert met achteraf chocobroodje, croissant en tasje koffie) en kan je aanschaffen door een mailtje te sturen naar verheyenjan@gmail.com.
  • Bells Lab in Bokrijk
    Bells Lab in Bokrijk
    29 Aug, 10:00 – 18:00
    Genk, Bokrijklaan 1, 3600 Genk, België
    De toerbeiaard staat opgesteld op het Plein der Zinnen in Bokrijk. Afhankelijk van de geldende maatregelen zijn er verschillende shows of het wordt een doorlopend concert...
  • Bells Lab Guitarillon
    Bells Lab Guitarillon
    04 Sep, 14:00
    Kaunas, K. Donelaičio g. 64, Kaunas 44248, Litouwen
    Gitarist Cedric Honings speelt vanuit de toren en wordt daarbij op beiaard begeleid door Jan Verheyen.
  • Bells Lab e.a. (torenconcert)
    Bells Lab e.a. (torenconcert)
    05 Sep, 14:00
    Kaunas, K. Donelaičio g. 64, Kaunas 44248, Litouwen
    Bells Lab electro acoustic vanuit de toren.
  • beiaard en piano
    beiaard en piano
    12 Sep, 15:30
    Pelt, Pastorijstraat 4, 3910 Pelt, België
    Een klassiek concert van de combinatie beiaard met piano, gespeeld vanuit de toren (piano boven in de toren versterkt). Piano: Maureen Wong, beiaard: Jan Verheyen
  • Bells Lab pure en e.a.
    Bells Lab pure en e.a.
    26 Sep, 10:00
    Zutendaal, 3690 Zutendaal, België
    De toerbeiaard staat een hele dag opgesteld op het evenement Lekker Lokaal in Zutendaal. We spelen solo beiaardconcerten en sets van Bells Lab Electro acoustic
  • Bells Lab pure
    Bells Lab pure
    18 Dec, 13:00
    Coevorden, Coevorden, Nederland
    De toerbeiaard trekt een weekendje naar Coevorden in Nederland voor enkele optredens tijdens de herdenking van de Ijzerkoekenoproer. Juiste uren volgen later...
  • Bells Lab pure
    Bells Lab pure
    19 Dec, 14:00
    Coevorden, Coevorden, Nederland
    De toerbeiaard trekt een weekendje naar Coevorden in Nederland voor enkele optredens tijdens de herdenking van de Ijzerkoekenoproer. Juiste uren volgen later...